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LA Swings Inc 5 ft Cypress Rollback Rocking Chair - LEAD TIME TO SHIP (UNFINISHED 7 BUSINESS DAYS) - (FINISHED 15 BUSINESS DAYS)

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Our cypress rockers are high quality rockers that are affordably priced. The cypress rockers match our swings, gliders, and benches in design and construction. Mix and match the cypress rockers with our other cypress products to create your own patio set. The rockers are built of rot-resistant cypress wood with rolled front and back for less irritation and a contoured seat for more comfort. The rockers are unfinished for your choice of finishing. Assembly is simple and takes about 15 minutes. Staples are not used in construction, rather zinc plated screws and galvanized bolts and used. There are several different options available to upgrade your rocker: carvings, cup holder arms, stainless steel hardware, paints and stains.

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  • Signature rolled design: considered more comfortable by many
  • Contoured seating adds additional comfort
  • Available in 8 stain finishes
  • Smoothly sanded & rounded edges
  • Standardchains and hooks included
  • Cypress is known as "Eternal Wood" -- it's made to last and age with you
  • Naturally insect repellent
  • Staining and Sealing are not a necessity; however, it isalways a nice option
  • Galvanized and zinc plated hardware included
  • Requires minor assembly - instructions included
  • Proudly made in the USA!


    Cypress has a natural preservative oil known as cypressene, which gives the wood natural resistance to insects and decay. With a suitable surface treatment, cypress wood offers has superior durability, holding paint well and resisting weather. Cypress is a beautiful, distinctive, and durable wood that assures years of trouble-free satisfaction and its uses reflect that. In addition to rugged outdoor furniture, cypress is regularly used in building construction, posts, beams, decks, docks, porch flooring, greenhouses and siding. Because of its durability, cypress can be used in many of the same products as cedar and redwood. Cypress is all but indestructible. It is a close-grain wood that resists checking and warping, and it is long-lasting as well as weather-resistant. Cypress can be easily painted and holds paint longer than other wood. If you choose to paint this product, you should use an exterior oil-based primer (white or gray) followed by an exterior oil or latex paint of your choice. If you choose to have the product remain natural, you should apply a natural oil-based stain or preservative annually or as needed. Note: Cypress is a dense wood and the drying process may take several days depending on humidity and temperature. Small cracks called weather checking may appear in the wood. This is a natural process and will not affect the useful life of this product.


    The Brooks family, officially opened Louisiana Cypress Swings and Things Inc. 2006 years ago, turning our backyard hobby into a full blown business. We have always felt that swings are the perfect way to bring the entire family together. This desire to be together with our family is the reason that we’re in business. We want everyone to share this experience of spending quality time relaxing with the family, and this feeling is demonstrated in our motto: “We believe the world would be a kinder, gentler place if more people had a porch swing.”

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Sandy Greear (Solon, US)
    Not a happy camper.

    The length of time it took to get this was bad enough, but then instead of the rocker I ordered, you sent a swing. It took another few days to get the different parts needed - and the swing and rockers while similar, are NOT interchangeable - and then it took hours, and actually having to break down and hire someone to help get the thing assembled. I have many leftover carriage bolts, washers and nuts, however you didn't send enough screws. Not to mention I have the chain for hanging the swing I didn't order. Not to also mention that I have two arms with cupholders (which cost extra) that can't be used on the rocker. Maybe I can make them into some sort of modern art? I am so upset with this whole experience that I can't even put it into words. Main;y because you wouldn't print the words I would choose. The ONLY good point in all of this mess is the contact person/broker Jeff. He did his best and was great to work with.
    Final result? The rocker looks okay, other than the holes drilled for the swing which weren't needed for the rocker, and the shorter slat that would allow the swing's chain to pass - but, wait! I don't have a swing! Good thing I have a cushion that covers it up. Lastly, it doesn't rock smoothly or well. You need to up your game on the actual rocker pieces.

    Paul House (Springfield, US)



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