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Royal Teak Outdoor Furniture
Royal Teak Collection is one of the largest manufacturers of Solid Teak and All-Weather Wicker in the world. Our Teak and Wicker are kiln dried and fully machine made with mortise and tenon joints for a tight fit. Only stainless-steel hardware is used, and the high oil content of our Teak, protects the solid teak furniture from the outdoor elements, no matter what climate you might live in, and will ensure you a lifetime of enjoyment with your furniture.

Care Instructions

  • Teak 

    What Happens to Teak 

    As the teak oils come out of the wood and mix with weather elements, spills, dew, etc. it  can form a mold/mildew that can be easily cleaned with a Teak Cleaner.  

    Over time teak will develop hairline cracks or what is known as “checking”. These will  smooth themselves out as the wood ages. They can be lightly sanded with sandpaper to  smooth them out faster. 

    Teak naturally turns to a silver-grey if left untreated. Moist climates will cause the teak  to grey faster than in drier climates. To bring teak back to its natural finish use a teak  cleaner to restore the color and then a teak sealer to preserve it

    How to regularly clean my teak? 

    Regularly cleaning your teak will help lengthen the life of your teak furniture. Using  fresh water, hose down your teak and then wipe down with a clean cloth. Let completely  dry before next use. 

    Sometimes it may be necessary for a more thorough cleaning. For this we recommend  using our Royal Teak Collection Teak Cleaner. This will help rid of more difficult stains.  First, hose down the steak with fresh water. Then using our Teak Cleaner spray or wipe it  directly onto the furniture. Then use a clean cloth or soft bristle brush to scrub the  furniture thoroughly. Once finished you should rinse the entire piece of furniture again with fresh water and let dry before next use. Keep in mind using the Teak Cleaner will  restore the color from the silver-grey back to a more natural look.   

    Teak Cleaner 

    1. Water based 
    2. Cleans and brightens Teak 
    3. 1 Bottle will cover 1 Dining Table and 8-10 Chairs

    Using Teak Cleaner

    1.  Cover anything that is not teak first as Teak Cleaner could affect it
    2. Spray or wipe cleaner directly on teak  
    3. Wipe down 
    4. Some areas may require more scrubbing than others to fully clean
  • Why does teak turn grey and can I prevent this? 

    Over time if left untreated the teak will turn in a silvery-grey color. This is a completely  natural process caused by the sunlight drying out the outer layer of teak. As it dries out  it will oxidize and begin to fade and change colors within a few weeks. This is purely  cosmetic and does not change the integrity of the teak. 

    To prevent teak from greying, simply use a Teak Sealer. Our Teak Sealer will seal the  teak preventing the natural weathering process of teak to occur, allowing it to stay its  natural golden-honey color. Depending on the climate our Teak Sealer should be  applied every 1-2 years. 

    Teak Sealer 

    1. Gives a layer of UV protection to Teak 
    2. Prevents mildew growth 
    3. Will prevent Teak from turning into silver-grey color 
    4. 1 Bottle will cover 1 Dining Table and 8-10 Chairs

    Using Teak Sealer 

    1. Cover anything that you do not want to get sealer on 
    2. Wipe off the teak with a clean cloth before applying any sealer 
    3. Spray or rub on with cloth
    4. Cover the teak thoroughly with sealer 
    5. Let dry thoroughly before use
  • Can I pressure wash my teak furniture? 

    Yes you can pressure wash your teak furniture. Pressure washing is most effective on  teak that has been left untreated and you would like to bring it back to its original color.  See our recommendations below on pressure washing your teak. 

    Pressure Washing Teak 

    1. Use on a low setting and PSI (under 1900) 
    2. Use a wide spray nozzle (40 degrees) 
    3. Use even long, strokes keeping the nozzle around 12” from the teak’s  surface 
    4. After finishing, sand to smooth out the teak.
  • Why do I see black dots on my new teak? 

    It is perfectly common to see black dots on your teak furniture, especially when it is  new. As the teak oil escapes the wood, it can mix with foreign substances such as dirt,  food, or moisture and cause it to mildew. This occurs on the surface of the teak and is  no cause for concern. Simply follow our recommended cleaning instructions to rid of  the spots.  

  • Should I oil my teak furniture?

    We do not recommend oiling teak furniture. Our Grade A Teak is naturally filled with  plenty of teak oil. Most oils that are marketed as teak oil are made from linseed oil  or tung oil. These are not as effective and do not mix well with the natural teak oil from  Grade A Teak. To keep your teak bright and looking brand new we recommend using  our Teak Cleaner to clean and brighten and then sealing the teak with our Teak Sealer.

  • Sling 

    Sling Maintenance 

    Sling is extremely durable and perfect to leave outdoors. The only time you would need  to store your furniture with a sling would be in freezing temperatures, as this can damage  the sling. Regular care of sling consists of hosing down and storing in extreme  temperatures. Other than that, if properly used, your sling will last a very long time. 

    Although our sling does have UV Protection, it is completely normal throughout the life  of sling for it to fade slightly. Also, avoid direct contact to sling with oil based products  such as sunscreen as it can cause accelerated aging of the sling.

    Cleaning Sling  

    When regularly cleaning your sling it is always best to use a cleaning solution. We  recommend 1 tbsp. of dish detergent and 2 tbsp. of household bleach mixed with a  gallon of water.  

    Clean the fabric with a sponge or soft cloth dipped into the solution. Do not pour the  solution directly on the fabric. Once cleaned, rinse thoroughly with clean water and let  air dry. 

    If the sling is stained it is best to clean it right away. Depending on the stain will depend on  the solution used to fight the stain. Please refer to the guide on which solutions to use  when cleaning stains.

  • Cushions

    Cushion Maintenance  

    Made from only the best quality materials, maintenance of our deep seating cushions is  made easy. Our cushions can be left out in the sun or rain but should be stored away  during extremely cold or freezing weather. Regular cleaning is required to prevent dirt  from building up or embedding in the fabrics. 

    If left out in heavy rainfall, cushions can become saturate with water. This happens and  is no cause for concern. Just unzip the cushion stand it on the corner with the zipper  facing down. This will allow the water to properly drain from the cushion. If this is done  in direct sunlight, it should dry within 24-48 hours. 

    Cleaning Cushions 

    To keep from dirt buildup or embedment you should clean your cushions regularly. The  best way to clean is with ¼ cup mild natural soap per gallon of water and a sponge or  soft bristle brush. Once cleaned thoroughly to remove all soap residue, let air dry  before next use.  

    For tougher stains, you could use a bleach cleaner to spray onto the cushions. Test a  small hidden spot first, and spray on the cleaner directly on the fabric. Let sit for 30  seconds and then dip your scrub brush into warm water and scrub in a small circular  motion. Allow to sit for a few minutes and then spray off with a hose.

  • Woven/Rope 

    Woven/Rope Maintenance

    Maintaining our woven/rope products is as easy as hosing it off or wiping it with a cloth.  Made from extremely durable materials, it can be left outside in all temperatures  keeping maintenance simple for these products. 

    Woven/Rope Cleaning

    Our woven and rope furniture can be cleaned as easy as spraying off with a hose.  Remember to remove any cushions before cleaning. 

    For deeper cleanings, a simple mixture of mild detergent and water is all you would  need. For best results, use a soft bristle brush to scrub the furniture and then hose  down to remove any remaining soap and let dry.

  • Download Care Instructions PDF