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Rocking Furniture is proud to offer a beautiful and diverse collection of outdoor luxury furniture from LuxCraft Outdoor Furniture. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, LuxCraft is a top name in outdoor furniture, and their products are known for their durability and comfort. All LuxCraft furniture is made with stainless steel hardware and comes with a lifetime residential warranty, so you can trust that your furniture will provide years of enjoyment. In addition to their high-quality construction, LuxCraft offers a wide range of styles, including Poly Swivel Gliders, Porch Swings, Adirondack Chairs, and more. Shop our collection of LuxCraft outdoor furniture today and experience the luxury and durability of this top-name brand

Luxcraft furniture is one of the highest-quality outdoor furniture, and you can trust the brand 100% when it comes to comfort and functionality. Luxcraft poly furniture is not just an ordinary furniture brand but holds fame and credibility among rocking outdoor furniture lovers! 

  • Luxcraft Poly Furniture: The Best Alternative to Wood Furniture

    Unlike standard wood furniture, poly furniture is highly resistant to moisture, fading, insects, splintering, warping, and other harmful elements of the environment. You can keep your Luxcraft furniture all year out without any worries. 

  • Aesthetic-appeal:

    Luxcraft outdoor furniture can withstand prolonged exposure to sun and weather as it has a high color stability UV pigment system that minimizes material breakdown. Keep it in extreme sun or snow; it will be intact. Moreover, during the manufacturing, the color pigment is done throughout the poly material, resulting in a vibrant surface even when scratches occur.  

    There are many benefits of having Luxcraft outdoor furniture for your home, and here we have listed a few of them: 

    Highest-Quality Furniture:

    Luxcraft furniture provides exceptional quality that lasts longer with sturdiness. 

    Minimum Maintenance:

    With Luxcraft outdoor furniture, you don’t have to sand, paint or refinish your furniture - occasional hosing-off will do the work! 

  • Environment-Friendly:

    Luxcraft poly furniture is made of recycled plastic, resulting in a minimum carbon footprint.


    You can expect the furniture to be fine during all weather - be it rain, humidity, snow, or coastal conditions. 

  • Life-long Warranty:

    Luxcraft outdoor furniture comes with a 20-year warranty! You don’t have to worry about anything - just buy your favorite furniture, and the rest is all up to the brand. 


    Luxcraft furniture is made in America company! 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you weatherproof outdoor furniture?

    The first thing you can do is invest in high-quality furniture. Always shield your furniture from rain and store your pillow and cushion in a heavy-duty outdoor container. Last but not least is to properly take care of your furniture by cleaning it regularly.

  • Can you leave outdoor furniture in the rain?

    It is advisable to apply a cover to your outdoor furniture when it’s raining to avoid rust and overly soaked outdoor cushions.

  • How do you remove mildew from outdoor wood furniture?

    To remove mildew from outdoor furniture, mix a solution of 1 cup ammonia, 1⁄2 cup white vinegar, and 1⁄4 cup of baking soda into 1 gallon of water. Clean your furniture by applying this mixture with a kitchen sponge or washcloth.

  • How do you keep outdoor furniture bug free?

    There are many ways to keep your outdoor furniture bug free - first, you can spray water with lavender or eucalyptus, which works as a natural pest barrier. You can also replace white bulbs with yellow bulbs or sodium vapor lights. Moreover, plant a few herbs or pest-deterrent flowers to keep bugs away.