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Shop our selection of Cypress Porch Swings, Glider Rockers, cypress rocking chairs and more! Free Shipping Fast Delivery

Cypress swings are a perfect choice for you when you want to sit and relax on a wooden swing. Enjoy some calm, composed, and relaxing moments in your hectic schedule by sitting on cypress swings or cypress rocking chairs. The best part about cypress porch swings is they improve the aesthetics of your home.

  • Why Cypress?

    Also known as “wood of choice” or “eternal wood,” cypress is one of the best woods in the world. Its weather-resistance properties make it a perfect choice for furniture. There are only a few woods that can compete with cypress when it comes to sturdiness and strength. You can find various color options in cypress porch swings - thanks to its handsome, straight grain. Moreover, cypress is known for its lifelong durability. 

    You don’t have to worry about pests and decay and use harsh chemicals when it comes to cypress swings, as the cypress contains a naturally occurring chemical that prevents insects and decay. Additionally, cypress tends to warp, twist, or cup. Compared to other outdoor woods, cypress costs 10 times lesser.

  • A Beautiful Collection of Cypress Porch Swings Chairs

    At Outdoor Furniture, you can explore a range of cypress swings and cypress rocking chairs in various sizes, models, and patterns. You can find porch swings with flip-down center consoles, back swing cypress rocking chairs, swings with a cup holder, and composite porch swings.  We sell high-quality and durable furniture that makes your investment worth it. Explore our other range of furniture options by visiting the category page. 

    There is no reason why one should not invest in the beauty, natural durability, and versatility of cypress. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sizes do porch swings come in?

    You can find 2ft to 7ft porch swings in our collection! You can choose the one based on your requirements, convenience, and comfort.

  • How high off the ground should a porch swing be?

    A porch swing should be about 17 to 19 inches above the floor so that your feet can touch the floor.

  • How do you stop a porch swing from swinging in the wind?

    There are many ways to prevent a porch swing from swinging. You can either stake it down, bolt it down, lay it down, put things on it or use bungee cords or windbreak.

  • How do you anchor a porch swing?

    Once you have selected a porch swing, do the necessary measurements, install the required hardware, and finish the assembly part. You can also refer to manual guides that you may receive with your furniture.

  • How do I stop my porch swing from flipping backward?

    To prevent the porch swing from flipping backward, ensure that the metal chain or rope is securely attached to the porch ceiling, the back of the swing, and the front of the swing. Also, make sure that you hang both sides of a porch evenly.