4 Ways to Make Your Teak Furniture Winterproof

4 Ways to Make Your Teak Furniture Winterproof

Teak is one of the most popular materials for patio furniture, and for a good reason. Not only is it one of the most durable patio furniture options, but its natural hue is beautiful, and it only gets better as it ages. Made from Indonesian teak trees, this beautiful wood has a high oil content, so it repels water. This makes it a low maintenance patio furniture option. Our teak dining chairs are flying off the shelves, which is why we are building our selection over at Rocking Furniture.

 Some reasons why teak is so popular include:

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  • Decay-resistant
  • Has a high oil content that naturally repels water
  • Extremely durable
  • Performs well in the heat

However, for our customers that don't live in the sunny states, it's no doubt that they are worried about winter-proofing their patio furniture. Patio furniture can be a bit of an investment, and you want to see it last for years to come. We have four ways to make your teak furniture winter-proof. Taking small steps to maintain the integrity of your prized teak furniture will definitely pay off over time. 

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Tips to Winterproof Your Teak Furniture

1. Clean 

Cleaning your teak furniture is vital to prolong its lifespan. You'll want to clean your teak periodically. It's natural for your teak rocking chairs and other furniture pieces to build up debris and dust. Luckily, teak is pest-resistant. However, you'll want to take routine steps to protect it from typical wear and tear. 

You can buy a teak cleaner to help you scrub the nooks and crannies of your teak porch swings and furniture pieces. This will help its original condition and prepare it for winter-proofing. After all, your outdoor furniture needs the same TLC that your indoor furniture needs. 

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For teak cleaner, you can use Star Brite Teak Cleaner, which is easy and effective. Apply the cleaner liberally. Begin scrubbing with a hard-wired brush. You’ll want to go in the direction of the wood grain. This cleaner should be strong enough to tackle even the most discolored stains. Once you've scrubbed the furniture, rinse lightly with lukewarm water. 

2. Apply Oil Annually

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You'll want to apply your teak oil annually. As teak begins to age, it will start to grey slightly. The greying of teak is preferred over the aging of other furniture materials. However, by applying the oil, you'll see that the teak begins to return to its natural hue. 

Teak is unique because it has a high oil content. As that begins to be absorbed over time, you can revive it by applying oil to it. Tung oil is usually used. It will restore the natural color back to your teak porch swing or other teak furniture. As soon as you begin applying your teak oil, you will be taken back at the beautiful hue that it reveals. 

Application of teak oil is relatively easy, and it can be brushed or wiped on with a cloth. This no-fuss application is one reason that people prefer teak oil over teak sealer. The application of teak oil will help the piece of furniture more easily repel water. The WATCO Teak Oil Finish is an excellent option for both water-resistance and UV-resistance. In less than an hour, you'll offer to revive the finish to your beloved teak furniture and prolong its lifespan.

How to apply teak oil:

  • Strip existing paint or finish of your furniture with a solvent
  • Sand 
  • Apply oil with a paintbrush
  • Let dry 
  • Apply a second coat
  • Wipe dry
  • Let the furniture sit for 8 to 10 hours

3. Apply Teak Sealer

One of the final defenses against decay and wood rot is a teak sealer. Not only is it common for patio furniture, but boat lovers often frequent it as well as it works wonders on teak wood. Teak sealer is different from teak oil because it doesn't add more oil to the wood. Instead, it seals the wood so water can't penetrate the surface.

The teak sealer will remove the natural greying of teak wood overtime and repel water. Because it's frequently used on boats, it's heavy-duty and will provide the peace of mind you need. It can be a little bit more tedious to apply than teak oil, but the end result is always worth the work. 

Because teak sealer is a more heavy-duty product, you'll want to sand it off between coats. Regardless, all you'll need is a paintbrush, some sandpaper, and some sealer. It doesn't get much easier than that. Voila! As good as new. 

How to apply teak sealer:

  • Apply using a brush or cloth
  • Let sit for an hour
  • Apply a second coat
  • Rub off excess

4. Store Furniture 


Taking the necessary precautions and maintaining your teak furniture is an excellent option. Still, few things will be better than proper storage. 

Though teak furniture can be left out all year, we recommend storing it in the winter months. If you have the option of a cool, dry storage place, it's best to keep your teak patio furniture in there. Over time, your teak can grey or begin to splinter.

Thankfully, teak is a a durable furniture option, which is why it's so prevalent in today's market. However, taking extra precautions is necessary for it to last a long time! We work with our customers to help educate them on the incredible benefits of buying teak and how they can prolong their new furniture's lifespan. 


If you've invested in teak furniture for your patio, there's no better way to winter-proof it than to store it. However, you can take some steps to maintain its integrity such as applying oil, cleaner, and sealer.

If done properly, you can prolong the lifespan of your teak furniture and use it to entertain guests for years to come. We love the durability of teak that makes it both pest-resistant and water-resistant. At Rocking Furniture, we have a large selection of teak furniture for you to shop from. These Royal Teak Collection Chaise Lounge Chairs will be the perfect addition to your dream backyard oasis!

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