6 Ways to Organize Your Outdoor Seating and Furniture

6 Ways to Organize Your Outdoor Seating and Furniture

Several different factors will play into how you'll want to organize your patio furniture. How you organize your patio furniture can make your outdoor living space seem larger and more comfortable. 

You want to maximize your space while providing a space to relax and entertain. We've compiled a list of six different ways to organize your patio furniture to transform your outdoor living space.

How to Organize Your Outdoor Seating

Depending on the furniture you invest in, you'll have different organization options. Common types of patio furniture you might consider are:

The first step to organizing your patio furniture is determining the goal of your outdoor living space. Some common goals of your patio may be:

  • An intimate setting for close conversations
  • A place for entertaining large groups
  • Hosting dinner parties
  • A relaxing space to drink coffee
  • A multi-purpose area

Now that you've determined the purpose and type of furniture, it's time to organize. Here are six of our favorite ways to organize your patio furniture: 

1. A sofa and two chairs

A sofa and two chairs are some of the most traditional ways to organize living space. This is a very versatile set up that allows for flowing conversation and optimal comfort. Place two chairs across from the sofa for a classic look.

Sit across friends and family as you enjoy a quiet evening in your tranquil backyard. This patio option is an excellent choice for smaller groups.

As you go to buy your chairs, consider purchasing a pop of color. Mixing and matching your chairs from your sofa adds character to your backyard. Get creative with how you position your sofa and chairs and invite friends and family over to visit.

2. A sectional and coffee table

A sectional brings all of the intimacy and closeness into the comfort of your own backyard. If you have a small family or share your backyard with your partner, this is the way to go. Get cozy with a comfortable teak sectional. This seating option is an excellent choice for a smaller space. You'll get 6-8 seats with only one piece of furniture. 

Looking for coffee tables:

A sectional also creates boundaries to help section off your patio from the rest of your backyard. Use it to make a clean, separated look of your patio. 

Consider adding a fire table or coffee table in the middle to set snacks, food, and drinks on. On quiet evenings when you're alone, the lounge part is great to lay down on for optimal comfort.

3. Use an ottoman

An ottoman is a multi-function furniture piece that acts as a footrest, coffee table, stool, and seat. Not only does it look great, but use it for many different purposes. Situate the rest of your furniture around your ottoman for a polished appearance.

Your ottoman will offer you the option of putting your feet up after a long day. However, you can also use it as extra seating when you have more guests over for entertaining. Finish the look with a coffee table, sofa, and armchairs. You can even completely substitute a chair with your ottoman for a cost-effective option.

4. Incorporate a chaise lounge 

Adding a chaise lounge to any patio set offers a more relaxed atmosphere. Suntan or read a good book on your patio. Across from your chaise lounge, add armchairs and a coffee table to finish the look off. A chaise creates a unique asymmetrical look that creates the flair that your outdoor living space may need.

Purchasing a chaise lounge in teak, such as the Royal Teak Collection Outdoor Sundaze Sling Chaise Lounge is the perfect addition to a backyard. This option comes with a built-in table for your shopping convenience. Relax by a pool or on a sunny day. Choose between moss green, black, navy, blue, gray, or white to suit your personal style. 

5. Position glider chairs facing outwards


If you have a porch, positioning comfortable glider chairs facing outwards is a beautiful addition. This traditional porch seating is timeless. Great for morning coffee and people watching, this organization offers Southern charm. Glider chairs, rocking chairs, or stationary chairs will work for this classic porch look.

Looking for:

Adding a small coffee table between the two chairs will add the necessary convenience. Set your coffee down between sips. Styling your porch in this traditional way will transform the look of your home.

6. Mix and match dining and seating 

If you entertain but also like intimate conversation sets, mix and match your furniture. Invest in high-quality teak outdoor dining chairs with a sectional. If you have the backyard space, you'll appreciate making the most out of it.

You can purchase two loveseats and armchairs or a section and a small dining set for the best of both worlds. How you organize your patio is up to you, so get creative and have fun.

7. Four armchairs


Are you looking for a unique seating arrangement? Put four outdoor chairs in a square shape facing one another. In the center place a coffee table or fire table. This option is chic and inviting. Enjoy friendly conversation and good wine with your loved ones. 

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To Sum Up

How you organize your outside furniture is up to you. Get creative and have fun with it. Whether you purchase a chaise lounge, dining set, or sectional, you have the freedom to make your space what you'd like it to be. Organize the space in a way that will be functional for the purpose that you need it to be. If you have difficulty planning out how to organize your set, buying a pre-made set such as the Tortuga Outdoor Portside 6-Piece Wicker Conversation Set can simplify the design process.

There are many more ways to organize your patio set, so move it around until it feels right for you, and it's the most comfortable for its desired use - whether that be entertaining or enjoying a meal.