9 Design Tips to Make Your Plastic Rocking Chair Stylish and Comfortable

by Jeffrey Tottenham May 20, 2021

9 Design Tips to Make Your Plastic Rocking Chair Stylish and Comfortable

A plastic rocking chair is a perfect addition to any home. Not only does it add visual interest to your space, but it's a convenient piece of furniture that you'll get plenty of use out of. A rocking chair offers versatility. Yet, it requires styling to make it comfortable and stylish in your living space. 

We've outlined ten ways that you can make your rocking chair more stylish and comfortable so that you can elevate your living space. Read on for stellar tips and tricks for your patio or deck. 

How To Style Plastic Rocking Chairs 

One of the biggest downfalls to plastic rocking chairs is their lack of comfort before you style it correctly. Adding the necessary textiles to improve the comfort of your new piece is essential. Some of our favorite ways to enhance the comfort of your rocking chair are:

1. Use throw pillows 

    Throw pillows are an excellent way to add visual interest to a living space while adding comfort to the hard plastic surface of your rocking chair. The best part? They are easily interchangeable depending on the season and when you just want to change up your space! 

    Look for colorful options to spruce up your room or draw attention with bold patterns. Consider purchasing plush pillows for extra comfort. We recommend using 20 x 20-inch pillows or larger for added comfort. 

    An excellent tip for your throw pillows is only to buy the inserts once. After that, you can buy covers to cover the inserts for a cheaper alternative to consistently purchasing new pillows.

    2. Get custom-made cushions 

      Are you looking for something a little bit more secure and semi-permanent than throw pillows? Consider looking for custom-made cushions. Custom-made cushions can be purchased at any tailor or seamstress in a pattern or color of your choosing. They can be as plush or padded as you’d like them to be. 

      If you plan on getting significant use out of your plastic rocking chairs, custom-made cushions might be a good investment. They will provide the most cushioning on the hard surface for long periods that you spend sitting on the chair. Just like your throw pillows, you can get them in a pop of color or contrasting design to add visual interest to your rocking chair.

      3. Use a sheepskin rug

      Don’t love the look of pillows or cushions? For a more chic and luxe finish, use a small sheepskin rug as a cushion instead. Drape it over your chair to add texture and some comfort to the hard, plastic surface. This won’t be nearly as comfortable as the previous options, but it will look beautiful in any living space! 

      4. Add a throw blanket 

        Don’t get caught in the cold! Adding a throw blanket contributes to the stylistic design. It also offers the warmth and coziness of a blanket while you’re enjoying your rocking chair. Purchase a throw that complements your throw pillows, sheepskin rug, or custom-made cushions. Get comfortable as you use your rocking chair to read or enjoy your morning coffee. 

        We prefer throw blankets with plenty of texture. Shop ones with large weave patterns for a lush, comfortable finish. Drape it over the back of your chair for an effortlessly chic vibe. 

        5. Purchase an ottoman 

          Whether you’re using your rocking chair to feed a newborn, read your favorite book, or drink your morning coffee, having an ottoman will add to the comfort of your living space. Rock back and forth on your plastic rocking chair as you have the comfortability of putting your feet up at the same time. An ottoman is a perfect addition to your new rocking chair. 

          Buy an ottoman that matches your rocking chair well. After all, you want them to look like a dynamic duo and not competing twins. For added comfort, get an ottoman that sways with the chair.

          6. Use a pouf instead of an ottoman 

            If you aren’t a fan of a bulkier-style ottoman, then a pouf might be the ideal style for you. A pouf is a piece of furniture that has many options. Not only can you use it to put your feet on, but it can be utilized as additional seating or as a side table as well. You can often find poufs in just about any style. Whether you prefer your home to look industrial, minimalistic, or bohemian, you can find a pouf that complements your home.

            Put the pouf at the end of your ottoman to serve the same purpose as a footrest. When you have company, feel free to use its multi-purpose options. 

            7. Style a wicker basket next to it

              As you’re diligently working on styling your brand new plastic rocking chair, consider adding a wicker basket next to it. This serves as a beautiful decor piece with added benefits. When you aren’t using your throw blankets, you can place them in your wicker basket for a more modern and minimalistic look to your living space. 

              Choose a basket that matches your decor colors. Decide between options of white, black, or neutral colors such as natural wood. 

              8. Use contrasting colors for a focal point rocking chair 

              The nice thing about your rocking chair is that you don't want it to match perfectly with the rest of your furniture. It's meant to be a statement piece so that you can capitalize on that! When styling your rocking chair, use contrasting colors and designs to draw the eye to your new reading nook. 

              Styling your plastic rocking chairs should be fun. Get outside of the box. You can always change your pillows and cushions at a later date. 

              9. Put it in a well-lit area 

                Two of the most common things people do in their rocking chairs are reading and drinking their morning coffee. Because of that, putting it in a well-lit area is a necessity. Put it in direct sunlight so you can enjoy the morning sun as you reap the benefits of your new purchase. 

                You can also place your rocking chair by a fireplace to enjoy cozy fires at nighttime. 


                Adding a plastic rocking chair to your home is a worthwhile and stylistic investment. It adds personality to any home. Just make sure to take the extra steps to make them additionally stylish and comfortable. These can include adding throw pillows, an ottoman, or a sheepskin rug. 

                Find a rocking chair that complements your outdoor living space while adding seating. Regardless of your style, you’ll be able to find an option that is suitable and comfortable. 

                Jeffrey Tottenham
                Jeffrey Tottenham

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