Outdoor Table Set Brands That You Can Leave Out In Winter

by Jeffrey Tottenham April 08, 2021

Outdoor Table Set Brands That You Can Leave Out In Winter

  When the wintertime comes, your outdoor furniture would automatically be a concern for you. Patio furniture should be dealt with care for temperature changes. Thinking one step ahead in the summertime so that you’ll be ready for when the colors of leaves changed would be beneficial. We’re gonna cast our eyes on the brands of outdoor table sets that you can leave out in the wintertime.

Top Brands To Withstand Extreme Temperatures

Luxe Furnishings

 This is a 3-piece stackable balcony patio furniture for outdoor service. You need to make sure that your furniture wouldn’t necessarily be stored in the winter season. With Luxe Furnishings’ all-weather outdoor balcony, you get a weather-proof Polyethylene (PE) rattan and aluminum frame. 

It bundled both usability and style at once. There are two chairs, two-seat cushions, and one table with a flush-mounted tempered glass top. It’s also easier to clean as you only need to spray wash chairs and tables with a garden hose after you remove seat cushions.

The lightweight size and stacking made this produce convenient for bringing them outside at any given time. Water wouldn’t soak off through the cushions and handles. The table pieces could be too low to the ground but all the other features make this a well-crafted furniture for outdoor use.

Royal Teak Helena Outdoor All Weather Wicker Collection

 An outdoor table set by Royal Teak Collection features durable wicker that is both durable and comfortable. You can use this set of furniture for an outdoor meal in your backyard. 

It’s sturdy, water-resistant patio furniture and you can stack them to use in windy conditions. For intimate gatherings or family dinners, it’s a comfortable setting. It’s also an outside table that’s easy to assemble and clean.

You can use a power washer to easily remove stains from the Royal Teak Collection outdoor dining set.

Wildridge Dining Set

 A nine-piece outdoor dining set piece by   Wildridge , this product is a conversation starter. A strong and sturdy outdoor dining table, it’s made with free poly lumber.  It’s easily assembled for a small backyard or balcony. The elegant wood top side table is perfect for dining and enjoying your time with a morning coffee or glass of wine.  It comes with a modern design and a low-maintenance feature.

The set includes 8 poly wood chairs and a 44 x 94-inch table. You get strong, durable, and lightweight furniture that will last you ages with a  20-year residential and 5-year commercial limited warranty. It can be used for an outdoor garden, patio, or porch.

Highwood Lehigh Dining Set

The   Highwood Lehigh Dining Set  is an outdoor wood 5-piece dining set made of mock wood-grain recycled plastic. It’s decay-resistant and weather sturdy for outdoor use. 

With desirable density and it remains unaffected during any weather. It’s also compatible to combat decay and insect attacks. The set features a counter-height square dining table with four matching chairs that are a focal point for any backyard. 

It’s a well-packed product that can easily be assembled. The sturdy patio furniture is also comfortable and enough to support large people. The table set is the right fit for an outdoor dining experience. You can put it around the poolside which gives the whole area a fresh new look.

Royal Teak Collection All Weather Wicker Deep Seating Sanibel Sofa

A modern flair of design by   Royal Teak  features a beautiful sofa that is perfect for relaxing evenings in your outdoor living space. Its hand-woven wicker is traditional with a full-size round core. The resin rattan makes this product perfect for all kinds of weather.

It’s 100% foam-filled polyester that made it a weatherproof fabric. It’s made from faux Seagrass resin rattan and the perfect furniture for UV protection and weather resistance. 

This wicker outdoor furniture set would fit the patio or outdoor space of any kind.  The wicket color is brown.

LA Swings Cypress Roll Swing 

This incredible, durable swing is 100% handcrafted from cypress lumber. Both stylish and comfortable, it features a signature rolled design and contoured seating. Choose from 8 stain finishes for a customized look.   LA Swings  goes the extra mile by sanding and rounded edges for a luxe finish on all of their product. 

Cypress wood is known to last and age with you and is naturally insect repellent. Finished with zinc-plated hardware, this swing will stand the test of time. 

Choose Weather-Resistant Outdoor Table Sets

You can leave your outdoor table set in winter if it’s purchased considering this possibility. It’s crucial to consider using your furniture at all times so you need to think ahead for the winter season. Besides the need to use your outdoor table and chairs freely, it could also be a problem to find a storage space if it’s not durable for the temperature change.


With our review of brands of patio furniture suitable for the winter season, we believe that you’re in a good position of identifying the features to look for a weather-resistant table set. Choose reputable brands that have taken extreme conditions into consideration when purchasing patio furniture that can withstand wintery weather. 

Jeffrey Tottenham
Jeffrey Tottenham

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