Perfect Months To Buy Outdoor Rocking Chairs and Furniture

by Jeffrey Tottenham March 25, 2021

Perfect Months To Buy Outdoor Rocking Chairs and Furniture

Are you looking to invest in some sustainable outdoor furniture? There are some better months to shop in depending what you’re looking for. For example, if you’re planning on buying an outdoor rocking chair set in the middle of summer, you might pay a higher price tag than other months.  

We have done the research to help you decide the best month to buy your patio set. 

How To Decide When To Buy Furniture

What Are Your Priorities While Shopping?

When patio furniture shopping, you might have one of the two following priorities:

  • Finding the best deals and discounts possible
  • Shopping from a large selection of trending designs

Depending on your priorities, you'll want to shop during different months. Be clear about your priorities when shopping.

For Blowout Prices and Clearout Discounts

If you're looking to capitalize on seasonal discounts and holiday sales then this section is for you. You'll often be able to find great sets with incredible pricing. This allows you to create an outdoor oasis on a budget. 

The cons of this method of shopping:

  • Poor selection
  • Crowded stores

Despite the cons, many shoppers still opt for seasonal shopping, so we've compiled a list of times to get shopping. If you're looking for a specific season to shop in, you'll want to shop in the fall. During this span, you'll find that outdoor rocking chairs and other patio furniture are on clearance. Businesses are trying to clean out their summer stock to make room for winter stock. This results in incredible savings on outdoor furniture. 

If you decide to go this route, you'll want to start shopping early fall and keep your eye on sales for the next month or so. The consequence of shopping like this is you risk your set of choices selling out.  

Another shopping option is to scour seasonal sales. These are the crowded sales that have intense crowds and significant savings. You might stand outside for hours for your outdoor rocking chair. If this doesn't worry you, then a seasonal holiday sale might be the perfect fit!

The Best Holidays To Shop

  • New Years Day

New Year Day falls on January 1. Though many stores are closed on this day, they may feature blowout sales throughout the week. 

  • President's Day

President's Day falls on the third Monday of February. Many businesses will hold a pre-Spring sale. This results in markdowns with the bonus of shopping a new collection before it begins to sell out.

  • Memorial Day

On the last Monday in May. Stores celebrate by hosting significant discounts on previous season's patio furniture. Though some of the inventory may be dated by a year, you can probably find some special prices to choose from.

  • Independence Day  

Of course, Independence Day would come as no surprise. If you have time to spare on the craziness that is July 4, celebrate by treating yourself to a new outdoor folding rocking chair. 

  • Black Friday

The historical day after Thanksgiving is one of the most anticipated sales of the entire year. Make sure to get to the mall early and prepare yourself for huge crowds. Though the shopping experience can be stressful, you'll likely reap the rewards. Benefit with significant savings.

  • Cyber Monday

Finally, you can shop in the comfort of your own home. The Monday after Black Friday allows you to scour sales from your website. If you find a patio set that you love, have it shipped right to your door.

  • Boxing Day

This holiday is a Canadian holiday and falls the day after Christmas Day. It has been trickling into America in recent years. It is worth looking to see if your favorite furniture set will host a Boxing Day blowout.

Furniture Season

Aside from the long list of holidays above, there is another time to purchase furniture. The months prior to summer, usually after the New Year’s festivities, most shops decrease their prices. This decrease is due to businesses clearing out their old models not sold during the holiday season. Shops do what a “clearance sale” and sell their furniture sets even lower than what you’d get from a holiday sale.

Furniture brands typically release new designs during the summer months which adds another reason for them to the sale.

For Unlimited Quantities and Styles To Choose From

If saving money on your patio furniture isn't your top priority, but you'd prefer to have your pick of the crop, your shopping tips will differ. For example, you've saved up for your patio set for a long time, and you want it to match the perfect vision you have in your head.

We understand that, but we will recommend that you shop in a completely different time frame. 

You'll want to begin the shopping process in early spring. This is so that you can have control out of all of the inventory on the market. Try out different styles and take your time to mull it over when you're at home. Furniture stores only bring in a limited amount of each piece. Because of this, the outdoor rocking chair that you love, you can guarantee that you'll go home with it (opposed to if you want until mid-summer or fall). 

Some stores may host a pre-season sale to get some traction for their new product releases. Keep your eyes peeled for any upcoming events. You'll also be able to take advantage of seasonal sales such as Presidents Day Sale and Memorial Day Sale. 


We understand the stress that comes with buying your patio furniture, but it's always worth it. Soon you'll be sitting on your front porch with the LuxCraft High Back Rocking Chair. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and all of the strategic shopping will have been worth it. 

When purchasing patio furniture, be mindful about when you’re shopping. If you want to save money, shop in the off-season for discounted prices. If you want the largest selection of the hottest, new items, shop at the beginning of the season. 

Happy shopping on your favourite patio furniture! There's the perfect set out there for everything.

Jeffrey Tottenham
Jeffrey Tottenham

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