6 Steps To Make Your Patio Chairs Rust Proof

6 Steps To Make Your Patio Chairs Rust Proof

There’s no doubt that rusted furniture is frustrating. Once rust pops up, it seems to take over in only a matter of time. It diminishes the value of your patio chairs and cheapens the look of your outdoor living space. 

Rust is a result of corroding rust once it is exposed to moisture and oxygen. It weakens the integrity of furniture and can stain surrounding areas. With some extra care and precautions, you can make your patio chairs rust proof.

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How To Make Your Patio Chairs Rust Proof

patio chair with rust

There are six steps to prevent rust from your patio furniture.

Purchase High-Quality Metals

Be strategic when purchasing your patio furniture. By making wise decisions and investing in quality furniture, you’re more likely to avoid rust. Unfortunately, investing in better quality furniture might cost more upfront, but you’ll reap the benefits in the long term. 

Terms you’ll want to look for when looking for metal patio furniture: 

  • Baked-on enamel
  • Powder-coated 

Baked on enamel and powder-coated metals provide an extra barrier against moisture. These are simple processes that prolong the life of your furniture. 

Keep Furniture Dry

patio furniture in dry condition

This may seem like an obvious tip, but it’s one of the essential suggestions when preventing rust. Because rust is caused by moisture and oxygen, if your metal furniture gets wet in the rain or snow, it’s more likely to cause rust. 

Store furniture in a cool, dry place during rainy or snowy seasons and invest in a high-quality patio furniture cover. These simple steps will provide the protection that metal patio furniture needs against water. The best patio furniture cover materials are:

  • Polyester 
  • Canvas

At any point, if metal comes into contact with water, dry immediately. If water doesn’t sit on the metal for a prolonged amount of time, rust has a lesser chance of occurring. 

If your garden table and chairs have cushions on them, make sure wet cushions do not spend a prolonged amount of time sitting on the metal surfaces. This will cause rust by leaving the moisture to oxidize on the metal. Should the cushions get wet, take them off to dry in the sun. Do not put them back on the metal until they are dry. 

Clean Regularly

water cleaning patio

Clean patio furniture and patio rocking chairs with detergent and warm water. Wipe down immediately after to ensure the water does not sit on the metal for an extended period of time. This will ensure that moisture, dust, and debris do not fester on the metal for a prolonged time. 

Ensuring that patio furniture is taken care of is one of the best ways to prolong its lifespan. Get in the habit of cleaning.

Don’t Damage or Chip Metal 

Damaged paint or varnish makes patio furniture susceptible to rust. Even a small chip in the corner of your furniture can cause future issues. The clanging of metal surfaces can cause chipping. Take extra precautions when moving, storing, and rearranging furniture. This will avoid causing damage to the surface of your patio furniture. 

When moving furniture, make sure to pick up your furniture instead of dragging it. When storing, use towels or patio furniture covers to protect the metals' surface from coming into contact with surfaces. 

Take precautions to ensure pristine treatment of your patio furniture will pay off in the long run and will limit the chances of rust. 

Maintain with Rust-Oleum Protective Enamel

Rust-Oleum Protective Enamel protects your patio furniture with a glossy, hard surface to protect against rust. When you first purchase patio furniture, there should already be a hard barrier applied. Years down the road, you’ll want to maintain with additional paint to assist. It provides double the protection against rust than other options on the market.

To use, apply two coats within a few minutes of each other. This will work to seal your furniture and prolong the lifespan. It will also give your patio furniture a “like new” finish that looks great. 

Fix Rust As Soon As Possible 

rust fixed early

Rust works as a domino effect. Once it occurs, if it isn’t handled immediately, it will begin to spread. Fixing rust as soon as you begin to see it is imperative that it won’t spread. 

Fixing rust is an easy process when it’s a small area. Begin by cleaning the area with water, a sponge, and dish detergent. After the area has been cleaned and dried, sand rust away with fine sandpaper. Gently sand to ensure no further damage is done to the patio furniture. 

Once sanding is complete, use a metal primer to prep for painting. You can find this at a home hardware store. Finally, you’ll want to paint your patio furniture with metal paint. This will help seal your patio furniture to ensure that the rust doesn’t spread to other areas. Try to color match the paint as best as possible. 

Staying ahead of the issue is the best way to prevent it from getting worse down the road.

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Purchasing patio furniture is an exciting time. It’s always best to take the necessary precautions to prolong furniture's life by preventing natural elements that harm the furniture's integrity, such as rust and decay. There are many steps you can take to prevent rust on your patio chairs, such as cleaning your patio furniture, purchasing high-quality products, and keeping your patio furniture away from rain and snow. 

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