How Wooden Outdoor Furniture Companies Make Their Products Waterproof

How Wooden Outdoor Furniture Companies Make Their Products Waterproof

Outdoor furniture is all the rage! It transforms your patio or deck into an outdoor living oasis perfect for hosting dinner parties and get-togethers. Furniture companies have a large challenge making pieces withstand weather conditions.

Investing in high-quality waterproof furniture will ensure that your purchase lasts regardless of temperature and weather conditions. Cheaper alternatives will sooner crack, flake, and become brittle in rainy weather. By spending more on an outdoor patio set, it’ll last longer, be more durable, and you won’t have the burden of constantly moving the set inside during rainstorms. 

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Choose the Right Materials

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The first decision that patio furniture manufacturers have to make is what material to build their products out of. Each material will have different properties, benefits, and drawbacks. Some wood materials will feature a much higher price tag as well. 


A popular patio furniture material is teak. Though teak is one of the more expensive materials, it is durable and withstands high heat and stormy weather. The durable nature of teak mirrors its natural shade, making it a cult favorite among patio enthusiasts.


Another common material used in outdoor furniture is eucalyptus. Eucalyptus poses a much more reasonable price point than teak but isn't as durable. This cost-effective option may be prone to cracking in high temperatures, but it handles the rain quite well. 


Ipe, another frequently used material, features a deep hue and durable properties. The largest downfall to this South American wood is its rigid nature, making it challenging to work with.

A seasoned patio furniture artisan will weigh the benefits of different materials. This will help determine the best option for their ideal buyer's price point and use.  

Wooden outdoor furniture is a timeless piece that will add elegance and style to any yard. You'll be able to find a set that you're proud to show off to your friends, family, and neighbors. Though the price tag on wood sets might be surprising at first, the work that artisans put into their furniture will make every penny worth it. 

When purchasing outdoor furniture such as outdoor wooden glider rockers, you'll often see a hefty price tag attached to it. The price will vary depending on the type and quality of wood used. Though this can be off-putting at first, it's a tribute to the time, effort, and products used to offer the most exceptional pieces. Investing in high-quality outdoor furniture made with good material will pay off in the long run. 

Know the Oil Content of the Wood

Natural wood has varying oil content, which assists in repelling water. The oil content of the wood will help the furniture company determine what other steps will ensure the product's durability. 

A high oil content will repel the water. It’s a well-known fact in the furniture industry. Teak and ipe both have high oil contents, making them excellent options for rainy environments. For wood options that don't have a high oil content, additional steps can be taken to weatherproof the furniture.

Apply Resin to the Wood 

Resin is often applied to wood, outdoor furniture, and wicker furniture to transform them into waterproof pieces. Resin is a plastic-like material that helps water bead off its surface and remains impermeable to water for years. Due to its composition, the resin can easily crack, and therefore needs to be maintained in heat and treated carefully. 

It  can be created using different chemicals using a process called polymerization. When looking for furniture that has had resin applied to it, it's essential to know what type of resin has been used in the process. This will better explain the durability of the furniture. 

Stain or Paint the Furniture 

Some wooden outdoor chairs and outdoor wood tables may be stained or painted for a different look. Oil-based stain and paint offer excellent coverage and will help water bead off from the furniture surfaces. For patio sets of varying colors, this is a perfect option to match different decor pieces and backyard oases.

Expert companies will only use high-quality exterior paint and stain options. This will withstand extreme heat, water, and weather conditions on your furniture. The process will often result in a layer of sealant to ensure optimal efficiency following application.  

Applying Tung oil can create a beautiful, hand-rubbed effect that complements backyards and stands the test of time. 

Apply a Sealant to Surfaces and Crevices

One of the most common patio furniture weatherproofing tactics is applying a sealant or topcoat to wood surfaces.

This step can be time-consuming and intensive, but it warrants excellent, durable results, and repels water. Manufacturers must take their time to perfect this step and ensure that it's done correctly and is allowed the necessary time to set. 

The most knowledgeable furniture companies know that time, consistency, and high-quality products will pay off in the long run. As a consumer, trust furniture companies that have a strong reputation and have been in the industry for a long time. Outdoor furniture design and production is an art that takes dedication and education. 

In Summary 

As much as producing wooden furniture is an art, it's a bit of a science too! Manufacturers have to make several different decisions  to ensure that your wooden patio furniture is ready. High-end  furniture companies will go to great lengths to make your backyard feel like a dream come true. Investing in furniture that features durable wood is the key to a sanctuary that looks as good as it responds to rainy days.

For furniture companies that are new to the industry, small missteps can affect the durability of their products. We have ensured that all of our patio furniture is produced from the highest-quality materials to withstand harsh weather conditions. Trusting in a reputable outdoor furniture brand, such as ours, will pay off over time. Consider our outdoor gliders, rocking chairs, or other patio sets to turn your backyard into your dream oasis to host and entertain guests.