Why Should You Choose a Poly Rocking Chair?

 reasons to choose poly rocking chair

Rocking chairs are a great addition to the outdoors, and they come in various styles and designs. There are many shapes, sizes, colors, and fabrics you can choose from for your style. Moreover, you can also use virtual furniture staging to know which furniture will look best. It is also economical as it can be used indoors or out. In this article, you will discover the reasons why choosing a Poly Rocking Chair is an excellent choice for your home or office.

1) The Polycarbonate Material

The polycarbonate material is composed of recycled plastic materials such as car seats, liter bottles, and construction waste that have been ground up into small granule-sized pieces and melted together to form a durable sheet known as a resin-stone sheet. It is the same material used to make bullet-resistant glass. Because it combines both strength and lightweight, it is an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor furniture where the use requires some durability.

2) Weather Resistant  

The polycarbonate resin-stone sheet that makes up the chair's body is resistant to most weather conditions, including rain, snow, salt water, and sun exposure. The only weather factors that may cause damage are prolonged direct sunlight with excessive heat. Although this can happen with any outdoor furniture made from plastic resin materials, the dual-layer construction of the poly rocking chair gives it greater resistance than most other outdoor chairs.

3) UV Stabilized

the process to ensure that your chair will not fade or discolor in sunlight. This innovative process adds to durability, comfort, and beauty. The rocking chairs are UV stabilized with an anti-aging agent during the rming of the materials, increasing their resistance to all weather conditions.

4) Dual Layer Construction

Two layers protect the polycarbonate resin-stone sheet; a tough inner layer and an outer layer made from fiberglass. Combining these two layers provides additional toughness, versatility, beauty, and comfort for this durable outdoor furniture.

5) Versatility

It's easy to clean! For most spills, you can wipe them off with water and soap (use light pressure). Some stains may require special cleaners. You can clean the chair in the house or a maintenance facility.

6) Comfort         

The dual-layer construction with its 2" contoured foam cushioning gives you firm comfort and support while at the same time offering a soft feel. The polycarbonate resin-stone sheet material allows air to flow through it, adding to your comfort in warm weather. In colder weather, this outdoor furniture has been shown to retain more body heat than other types of outdoor furniture. This feature will keep you warmer on chilly nights when used for seating areas near fire pits or heating appliances.

7) Easy Assembly

It's easy to assemble! All pieces are completely pre-drilled, and parts are color-coded for identification during assembly.

8) All Weather

The poly rocker chair is designed to stand up well in all weather conditions while at the same time maintaining its beauty and appeal. It can be used indoors or outdoors and will not fade, discolor or crack when exposed to rain, snow, salt water, and sun.

9) Cost-Effectiveness

For a retail price of under $300.00, it is an excellent solution for outdoor seating areas made from durable materials that are low maintenance. Since it can be custom ordered to match your style, you receive the best value for your dollar. Your friends are sure to admire it too!

10) Custom Colors

The choice of color combinations is endless! You may select any combination of colors to match your personal preference.

11) Warranty

Every poly rocker chair comes with a limited warranty for one year from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects and quality. It is one of the best warranties that you will find offered by any outdoor furniture dealer on the market today.

Wrapping Up!  

Suppose you are looking for a comfortable outdoor chair that requires minimal care and has a long life and the flexibility to choose from an array of styles and color combinations. In that case, you s