Amish Hickory bentwood rocking chair

Amish Hickory Bentwood Rocking Chair

Hickory Bentwood Rocking Chairs are beautiful and can become a family heirloom to be passed down to your loved ones. The process building these hickory rockers begins with the harvest of hickory branches, which typically happens between late fall to early winter. The branches are then brought back and stored for drying until they are ready to be steamed and bent into shape.

Next the correct sizes of hickory sticks are selected and cut to length for use as key components. The limb knots are then cut off and the sticks are sanded smooth, leaving the bark on for added character. The hickory sticks are then put on forms to be shaped, while others are bent and nailed directly onto the Rocking Chair being built.

In addition to hickory, oak and walnut wood may be used to create slats boards, seats, and runners for the Rocker. Once the piece is built, it is hand-sanded and sprayed with multiple coats of clear finish to bring out the natural character of the wood and highlight the unique grain patterns.

No two hickory trees are exactly alike, which adds to the uniqueness of each hickory Rocker. The variation in knots, crooks, bends, and colorations contribute to the one-of-a-kind nature of hickory bentwood rocking chairs. Not only are these chairs functional and comfortable, but they also have their own unique finger print.

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