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This is the finest, best built weatherproof rocking chair available anywhere in the world, and is the same model used in 5 star hotels and resorts worldwide - and we are the manufacturer. Its size, seat and back height, contours and balance point make it the most comfortable rocking chair made, and it will last through many years of use and happy memories. It is a large, comfortable rocker that has not been shrunk down in size to meet a low price point like most others. Premium weatherproof robinia wood has been 100% kiln-dried, all hardware is exterior grade, glue is non-water soluble, slats are cut to shape; not bent, and all construction is mortise and tenon. Each rocker is pre-assembled at the factory to ensure quality control and a perfect fit, then partially disassembled and carefully packaged for safe shipping.

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    • Ensemble includes two black rockers and matching black side table
    • Each chair features 37 pounds of all-weather premium robinia wood
    • 5 Year Limited Warranty
    • Excellent balance points
    • Double contoured outdoor rocking chair seat and curved back
    • Mortise and tenon joinery
    • Front-capped seat slats
    • Wide cap covers side view of seat slats
    • Contoured headrest and backslats
    • Tall, double headrest
    • Thick posts, dowels and runners
    • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
    • Ships Partially Assembled
    • Custom colors available! Contact us for a quote
Rocking Chair Dimensions: 34"D x 27"W x 48"H
Seat front: 19.5"W
Seat back: 18.5"W
Armrest: 4"W
Side Table Dimensions 18"L x 18"W x 18"H


Weatherproof Wood: Better than Teak for Half the Price
Teak has been the gold standard for outdoor wood furniture for more than a century, but robinia provides equal weather resistance with greater strength and more environmental sustainability. This is chiefly because robinia matures in 30 years, as compared with 60 years for teak. In addition, while teak's high oil content does not allow it to be painted, robinia is paintable - for that reason, our painted World's Finest Rockers are also made of weatherproof Robinia. Compare this with almost all other painted "weatherproof" rockers, which are made from non-weatherproof woods that have been painted with "weatherproof paints". Anyone who has had to repaint a house periodically knows that paints wear off, split, and otherwise allow the underlying wood to rot and break unless they are re-applied. A painted robinia chair remains weatherproof without repainting. And the natural stained robinia stays weatherproof without any care.

Use and Care
As noted, the World's Finest Rocker can be left outdoors for years without special care, but those who wish to keep the chair looking new can do the following: since any chair left outside will fade and discolor in the sun and rain, to minimize those effects, you may keep the chair on a covered porch or bring it inside when not being used for extended periods. The regular application of a wood cleaning product followed by a wood sealing product, can keep the wood color from changing over the years. For best results, this should be done once per year. And of course, wiping the chair with a wet rag with a weak detergent solution can help remove grime and stains. Painted furniture can be repainted with a quality exterior paint like Krylon, but be sure to clean the surface first and fully dry before painting.

Quality Construction Techniques
The durability of this rocker only starts with premium quality weatherproof robinia wood; we also cut our parts generously to provide extra thickness and strength in key stress points like seat slats, arms, and the curved runners. The generous use of such a high quality wood is the main reason the World's Finest Rocker weighs 37 pounds, compared with 20-25 for ordinary rockers. This is a large, comfortable rocker that has not been shrunk down in size to meet a low price point like most others. The design features of the World's Finest Rocker are expensive to provide, and are rarely present in other commonly available rockers, but result in the superlative strength and comfort of the chair. Both seat and back slats are fully mortised into the seating brackets to provide extra stability. The seat is especially comfortable, and is double contoured - both front to back and side to side - for comfort. Seat slats are mortised into a curved front rail rather than having the slats exposed to the backs of your legs, as is the case in most rockers. Arms are thick for strength, stability, and feel, and both contoured and chamfered for smoothness. An extra support bracket - made of wood, not cheap hardware - has been added to ensure the strength necessary to provide such a wide arm. Our signature double headrest also provides added strength. Look carefully at the pictures in this listing to appreciate the chair's quality and design.

Magnum Opus Design
Frontera Furniture Company has been designing, manufacturing and selling rocking chairs to premium customers, designers, architects, hotels and resorts for 25 years. The World's Finest Rocker is the top of the line rocking chair which developed through numerous design enhancements following feedback from thousands of customers over a quarter of a century. This chair is the Magnum Opus of rocking chair design, from details like arm shape and thickness, weatherproof materials, to seat and back contour and balance point. Despite being significantly less expensive than other high quality weatherproof rocking chairs, it is the best rocker money can buy.

Same Rocker Used in 5 Star Hotels and Resorts
We have been selling top quality rocking chairs (and other premium outdoor furniture) to 5 star restaurants, hotels, and clubs in more than 40 countries. Top hotel chains like Hyatt, Hilton, Relais & Chateaux and the Luxury Collection, as well as iconic independent properties including The Greenbrier and Augusta National Golf Club are just a few of the many properties utilizing our rockers. The stability and strength of robinia wood has made these rockers usable in locations as environmentally diverse as Death Valley, Rocky Mountain National Park, Saudi Arabia, Ireland and Japan, among many others.

Partial Assembly for Best Value
Note: This item ships partially assembled. Our flat packaging is carefully designed to meet all UPS and Fedex Ground Shipping guidelines, resulting in very few shipping damage issues and much lower shipping costs, enabling us to offer this 5 star resort quality rocker at such a competitive price. Easy assembly takes about 20 minutes with a screwdriver and rubber mallet or hammer.

Our History
Frontera Founder Harvin Moore Frontera Furniture Company was established in 1992 as a retailer and mail-order catalog of high-quality, traditionally made furniture, including its signature “World's Finest Outdoor Rocker.” Since its inception, Frontera has sought out the most finely crafted furniture for its clients.

In 1995, Frontera became one of the Internet’s first virtual showrooms for home furnishings, and we have remained at the forefront ever since, with more furniture from more fine brand names than any other site.

Unlike much of the furniture sold today, each of our pieces is held to the highest standards of craftsmanship. It’s that simple. We want to offer our customers the finest quality. We want you to purchase something that can be passed on from generation to generation. The pieces you buy from are tomorrow’s antiques and your grandchildren’s heirlooms.

Above all, we want our furniture to help you enjoy your home.

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