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Birds Choice Burley Clay Hand Painted Bluebird Bird Bath Made in the USA - Ships Within 7 to 10 Business Days

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Beautiful handcrafted and hand-painted 2-piece birdbath featuring a design with a pair of bluebirds along with an engraved message that reads: "A bluebird in the garden brings happiness to the home" . This bath features a lock-on top and a glazed interior. Burley Clay birdbaths are pottery with a passion, using clay sourced from Ohio mines. All sculpting and processing of product is completed in the Midwest, and the bird baths are finished with beautiful hand painting. 

Place your birdbath away from foliage where predators hide and a few yards from trees so birds can perch on limbs and groom themselves. Remember to keep the water fresh to attract birds and prevent algae, add some BirdsChoice rocks or accessories to keep the water moving, and add a de-icer to prevent freezing in the winter. If you cannot maintain your birdbath in the winter, turn your birdbath top upside-down or take it indoors. Allowing water to freeze may cause cracking.

Made in the USA. Burley Clay Products is proud to offer beautiful, American-made and Imported products. One of the methods we employ today is a rarely found “lost art” form known as jiggering. This means our production is an old-fashioned, hand-made process we use to create several of our larger items, such as birdbaths, pedestals and planters. In this process, the jiggerman places a plaster mold inside a spinning steel drum; then adds an estimated amount of clay inside of the mold determined by the size of the piece to be manufactured. As the clay begins to dry, the plaster mold draws the water away from the clay, releasing the clay from the mold. The ware is then removed from the mold and the rough edges are trimmed. This acquired skill requires years of apprenticeship and is usually passed down to family members who have worked in area potteries for generations. At Burley, the art of glazing has become a master's skill of mixing earthy ingredients, hand applying to the piece, and perfecting with the heat of the kilns. Our artisans hand-decorate all of our products, creating pottery that is in great demand throughout the United States and Canada.

SIZE Overall Height 24" Bowl Diameter 17"
BRAND Burley Clay, Birds Choice



The Birds Choice line of professional feeders & houses was founded on innovation, design, and good old hard work. Our feeders and houses are built with proprietary patented components and constructed for optimum performance.

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